Capsule Pharma Pte Ltd is based in Singapore, and we offer the following services:

  • Therapeutic Products (Medicine / Drugs) wholesale & distribution
  • Dental therapeutics & devices wholesale & distribution
  • Vet pharmaceuticals wholesale & distribution
  • Medical Devices wholesale & distribution
  • Unlicensed medicine procurement, application of Special Access Permit (with Health Sciences Authority of Singapore (HSA))
  • GDPMDS Warehousing Services for Class A, Class B, Class C & Class D Medical Devices (Single-Use, Re-Useable, Electromechanical, In-Vitro Devices)

Licensed Storage Capabilities in Singapore:

  • Therapeutic Products Storage Facility licensed by Health Sciences Authority of Singapore (HSA) for the storage of human medicine, dental medicine, veterinary medicine & APIs
  • GDPMDS Certified Warehouse for Medical Devices
  • Ambient storage for medical devices & electromechanical medical equipment
  • Ambient Under 25C storage (airconditioned with humidity-controlled storage) for human & vet therapeutic products, medical devices, cosmetics, health supplements & APIs
  • Human & Vet Therapeutics Products & GDPMDS Medical Devices Cold-Chain (2C-8C) Warehousing
  • Storage of cosmetics & health supplements
  • Storage of Processed Food & Food Appliances with permit by Singapore Food Agency (SFA)
  • 3PL Logistics storage & distribution hub for local, regional & international clients

Product Registration / Notification / Permit Services in Singapore:

  • Application of Special Access Route permits for Unlicensed Medicine
  • Application of Special Access Permits under GN routes for medical devices
  • We offer in-house regulatory registration services for the registration of therapeutic products & medical devices
  • Cosmetic notification
  • Health Supplements notification
  • Permit application with Singapore Food Agency (SFA) for the importation of processed food & food appliances
  • Importer-On-Record
  • Exporter-On-Record

Capsule Pharma Sdn Bhd (our Malaysia Operations) offers the following services:

  • Cosmetics & Health Supplements warehousing & distribution services in Malaysia
  • GDPMD Certified Facility for the warehousing & distribution of medical devices in Malaysia
  • Acting as INDEPENDENT Local Authorised Representative (LAR) for Medical Device registration in Malaysia